Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

Rope Access blade repair

Rope access is the perfect solution for wind turbine structural maintenance.

Our clients are finding that our experienced rope-access crew have a higher tolerance to working at higher wind speeds, and are safely able to continue work while the crane and manbox is sidelined until more favorable conditions. Also – our mobilization costs are significantly faster and cheaper than the alternatives of suspended platform and crane/EWP..

Further, our team is fully accredited and qualified in wind turbine maintenance works, including electrical generator works, advanced structural repairs, lightning protection, composite repairs and corrosion control.

Wind turbine Maintenance Service

Our services:

  • inspection of blades, nacelle, steel structure
  • corrosion control to steel structure
  • composite repairs to blades, nose-cones, nacelle
  • painting and coating
  • rescue and access support to generator techs and personnel

Expert rope access composite repair to wind turbine blades.

Our special access crew are qualified and experienced to inspect and repair most types of blade damage.

our repair methods are customized to meet the damage requirements and include:

  • comprehensive inspection and reporting service
  • wet lay-up repairs
  • vacuum bagging and core repairs
  • pre-preg composite repairs
  • tip repairs
  • medium structural damage repairs to core material and structural carbon fibre
  • lightning conductor repair

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