Rope access inspection service, Western Australia.

Rope Access is the perfect method for inspection work. We can cover a lot of surface area quickly and with minimal access equipment or site disruption. Generally, inspection tools are small and lightweight – helping our crew to provide a fast, safe and comprehensive ‘hands-on’ inspection service.

Unlike drones or long-lens photography, we can touch the areas in question, tap the concrete looking for loose and drummy areas, pick at the paint or sealant to check its adhesion.

Non Destructive Testing is the method of testing the strength and integrity of materials without damaging them with invasive inspection. This is especially useful for inspecting steel, welds and hardware, where rust and stress fractures might be hidden internally or covered in paint.

Preventative maintenance inspections can usually be achieved without dismantling structures, or affecting normal operation and production.

SAS can offer a tailor-made inspection service. From visible inspections, ultrasonic or magnetic particle inspection, call us to find out how we can help with your inspection or NDT needs.

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