WA’s most effective rope access team!


Your solution for difficult-access and specialist works. Our team of trades and height-work professionals are ready to take on your most challenging maintenance task! 

Using our innovative techniques, expertise and skills – we can place our work crew into any difficult access location and meet your project requirements safely, with quick mobilisation, minimal site disruption and very cost effectively..


Perth’s premier Rope access painting service. Painting, priming and rust removal is all possible via rope access.

Concrete & masonry

Expert concrete repair via rope-access. It might be a surprise to know that some extensive facade masonry repair is poss


Rope access inspection service, Western Australia. Rope Access is the perfect method for inspection work. We can cover a


Perth’s preferred rope access window cleaning contractor.. Specialist cleaning of windows, canopies, beams, claddi

Wind Turbines

Rope Access blade repair Rope access is the perfect solution for wind turbine structural maintenance. Our clients are fi

High Rise Signage

Signage installation: Skysigns, banners, illuminated-box frame installations and maintenance. The SAS crew are experien


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signage installation

signage installation

Lighting installation. East Perth, Trafalgar bridge

Lighting installation. East Perth, Trafalgar bridge

Install debris containment sheeting to ceiling. Brewery, Fremantle

Install debris containment sheeting to ceiling. Brewery, Fremantle

concrete repairs

concrete repairs

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